Fort Peck Lake is still frozen over and it snowed again this morning, but I know everyone has an eager eye toward summer and the calendar will fill up quickly.  Let's get the word out now so nobody can say they "didn't get the memo."


June 23rd  - Summer Sailstice

All volunteer sailors are welcome to join in offering free rides, a sailing introduction for everyone. We’ll start at noon at Fort Peck Marina.  If you are interested in sailing, this is the perfect opportunity to check out some boats, take a ride and learn about what Fort Peck Sailing Club is doing to promote this wonderful sport to people of all ages in this area.  RSVP at to be entered to win many cool prizes!

August 6-9 - Mobile Optimist Sailing School 

Join our most meaningful outreach as we host a sailing school for youths age 8-14.  These are the future sailors, racers, instructors and leaders.  If you have an interested youngster, if you’d like to help by volunteering, or if you would like to sponsor a child to attend this event, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

August 10-12 - Can-Am Fort Peck Sailing Regatta

Arguably the most fun regatta anywhere.  It's small, it's friendly, and it's a learning experience for everyone involved.  We're growing a culture of competitive sailing where none existed before.  If you have any interest, come join the fun!  Whether you want to try your hand at racing or helping as a volunteer, there is room for everyone.


 We'll be sure to post any updates here.  Also, here is a form letter you can use to decline any other events that might try to infringe on your summer boating schedule: