BS Buzz on 1st Regatta

Recap of 1st Regatta in the Brooks Bulletin

Glasgow Courier on our 1st Sailstice: Fort Peck Lake Sailing Club to Participate in Global Sailing Event on June 20

BS Buzz on 1st Sailstice: Summer Sailstice on Fort Peck Enjoyed by Many

BS Buzz prior to 1st Sailstice (page 4): Fort Peck Sailing Club to Participate in Summer Sailstice on 1st Sailstice: 

Glasgow Courier: Announcing 2nd Regatta and Poster Contest WinnerGlasgow Courier: Heavey photo of Caleb sailing in high wind

Glasgow Courier on 2015 Regatta: Fort Peck Can-Am Regatta Outlasts Elements

7/14/2016 on 2nd Sailstice: Fort Peck Gains Sailors Through Summer Sailstice

7/26/2016 Missoulian / Montana Magazine : Coast of Montana: Sailors chart a future on Fort Peck Lake

8/3/2016 Glasgow Courier: Sailing Club Hosts Visit from Optimist Sailing School

8/17/2016 Glasgow Courier, front page article: Regatta Set for Friday

6/28/2017 Glasgow Courier: Summer Sailstice

8/16/2017 Glasgow Courier: Sailors Conquer Wind and Waves at Annual Regatta

8/22/2017 Will you enter the 2018 Video Challenge? Maybe you can get some ideas from this year's winner.